Channel 4 set for intriguing battle with Sky Sports in Super League play-offs

Channel 4 has been a breath of fresh air for Super League coverage in 2022.

With hosts Adam Hills and Helen Skelton as well as eloquent pundits such as Leon Pryce, Danika Priim, Kevin Brown and Sam Tomkins, Channel 4 has really given new life to rugby league broadcasting.

And, with it being on terrestrial television, the broadcaster has experienced a large spike in viewership with numbers regularly hitting over a quarter of a million throughout the eight games previously covered.

In turn, rugby league fans have been calling for more games to be covered in 2023, with ten the initial agreement with Channel 4 before the season started.

Of course, with something as new as this, just to dip their toe in the pool was a safe way of beginning the deal, but there has been huge clamouring for more – whether more games will be covered in 2023 remains to be seen.

But, Channel 4 have clearly been doing something right for viewers to be pulled in for more coverage.

And, with the broadcaster hosting two Super League play-off games, it gives viewers more exposure to Channel 4 as two fixtures will be broadcast in the business end of the season.

Those dates will be September 10 and September 17 as the race for the Grand Final heats up.

The only trouble is that Channel 4 will have to compete with Sky Sports for viewers on both Saturdays with both broadcasters covering the same play-off games on those two weekends.

It does remain to be seen which games are chosen, but it will be even more interesting to see who is able to pull in more viewing figures – especially with Channel 4 readily available to all and sundry and Sky just those who have purchased that TV deal.

All eight of Channel 4 games have been well received by those watching in 2022 and the last two play-off games are unlikely to be any different.

Keep it up Channel 4!

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mike Smith
mike Smith
1 month ago

Well done Channel 4 keep it up