Castleford Tigers star’s amazing journey from delivery driver to Super League player

Suaia Matagi is one of the most powerful props in Super League.

Formerly of the Huddersfield Giants, Matagi moved to Castleford Tigers on loan in 2021 and made the deal permanent in 2022.

His story to where he is today is a pretty special one and shows the importance of never giving up.

He only started to play rugby league in his late teenage years after a short spell in prison. It wasn’t until 2013 that he made his NRL after spending time as a delivery driver.

He opened up on this remarkable journey on Castleford Tigers’ website: “I only started when I was 19, I set out the goal to become a professional and follow my dream. I wanted to try to live my dream and live life with no regrets.

“The dream for me came back when I was working full time, a delivery driver at that time with twelve-hour shifts and I had time to think and ponder. I thought ‘in five, ten years’ time from now… what if?’ one of those moments.

“I didn’t want to have the price of regret. I started thinking, ‘let’s go all out’ and deal with my stuff as well, I’d rather go all out and not achieve what I set out to and give it my all and give myself the opportunity.

“I knew that I owed it to myself, but to my family as well given what I put them through, and I wanted to repay them and make something of myself. Being a young father, I wanted to show my daughter the importance of resilience, that even though I dropped the ball in life at that time, I was going to pick it up and run again. That was the mindset.

“I started to also think of other kids and inspire them to let them know that regardless of how you did wrong, you can make something of yourself and channel that energy into something positive.

“When you come from nothing and there is nothing for us, you might get labelled and for me, it was taking ownership of where I was and being accountable. I was labelled a criminal and it was something I could not change, but what I could was the second half of my life and what happens going forward and that is where the mindset started to change.”

You can read more about his journey here.

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