Castleford Tigers star opens up on abuse

Sportsmen and sportswomen, in general, are major targets for criticism given that they are in the public eye on a consistent basis.

That often leaves players, referees and coaches bearing the brunt of supporter abuse both at games and on social media.

Unfortunately, for Castleford Tigers halfback Danny Richardson, he became all too aware of that in his later days at St Helens.

“I was getting stick big time when I was at St Helens, unfortunately Twitter gives people behind a screen the chance to say things that they wouldn’t say to your face,” Richardson told the Trot The Egg In podcast.

“Fortunately for myself I couldn’t care less what people say about me and they can say whatever they want, but for some people it does affect them.”

Richardson was also keen to stress that things can often get in the way of having stellar performances each week.

“Being a professional sportsman you can’t have the game of your life every week as teams have so much video on you trying to stop you from doing certain things.

“That’s just life and you don’t always get your own way.

“But things happen along the way in your personal life too, and you’ve got to not let it affect you, yet subconsciously it does sometimes.”

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