Castleford Tigers’ Lee Radford has got ‘five players’ he doesn’t want, according to rugby league agent

With the May 1 deadline having been and gone, Super League teams are putting together the necessary rebuild for 2023 and beyond.

That, of course, means that the rumour mill is going into overdrive about the potential signings around the leagues.

Sometimes, teams can get a signing wrong and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out for the club or the player, but for leading rugby league agent, Craig Harrison of Show Me The Money UK, clubs should take the hit straightaway.

That means getting rid of the player to another club, regardless of the contract worth in place.

“Salford will be the ones getting under the cap, Huddersfield have historically got a few wrong but they’ve got it right now though,” Harrison said on The Full Eighty Minutes podcast.

“I can’t see Gary (Hetherington – Leeds Rhinos chief executive) paying players at other clubs so historically probably 1% and I think Karl (Fitzpatrick) at Warrington is quite reluctant to do that even though they have made some bad signings over the years and Saints very rarely get it wrong.”

Harrison does, however, believe that Castleford Tigers may have a few players in the ranks that head coach Lee Radford doesn’t want at the club.

“Mark (Grattan – Tigers’ General Manager) would not pay a player to play at another club, but should they?

“They’ve got players they don’t want – I reckon Radders has got five players at that club he doesn’t want.

“He will go to the chairman and say ‘I don’t want them’, but Mark will go ‘well you’ve got to keep them because we can’t afford it.’

“Unless Radders can get a club who will pay full wages it wouldn’t happen.”

Harrison also suggests that clubs need to solve such an issue quickly.

“I think if you get a signing wrong, cop it straightaway and get rid.

“If he doesn’t want to play then he will be a nightmare.”

Castleford take on Leeds Rhinos at the Magic Weekend this weekend at St James’ Park – the home of Newcastle United

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