Castleford Tigers coach sheds light on “generational talent” and what makes him special

Many players generated headlines during the Rugby League World Cup.

One more so than others was Samoa star Joseph Suaali’i.

Suaali’i was described by the likes of former St Helens man Jon Wilkin and others as a “generational talent” and Castleford Tigers boss Lee Radford had the chance to work with him as he operated as Samoa assistant coach in the World Cup up against his own assistant at Castleford Andy Last who worked with England.

As Last and Radford prepare for 2023, they are keen to learn what they can from the World Cup and utilise it in the Super League season in 2023.

Naturally though, Last was keen to learn about Suaali’i from Radford and shed light on him when speaking to Sky Sports.

“I was quick to ask about Joseph Suaali’i, who I thought exploded onto the world stage with his performances, but what was extraordinary was what Lee spoke about,” Last said.

“As a 19-year-old lad, he was leading on videos, he was holding meetings with the senior lads, and basically telling senior players what he was going to do and where he was going to position himself as a full-back.

“There are not many 19-year-olds who will do that, and I’ve not come across that many who not only have that confidence in their ability, but also the confidence to hold the room in a team meeting, to speak with such conviction and clarity.

“That was a real eye-opener – and Lee said he was not the only person.”