Castleford still facing massive stumbling block in stadium redevelopment which will cost them £100 per hour

Castleford Tigers have plans to redevelop their stadium.

These plans have been shared and supporters have been asked to pledge their support for them.

The club last week confirmed that the club are waiting for a date for the development to go before the planning committee.

The said in a statement:

“We are now just waiting for a date for the stadium development to go before the planning committee. We would urge anyone who hasn’t yet supported the stadium redevelopment and Axiom site to please do so, the support of the Castleford fans and the wider Castleford community will be a major factor in us gaining planning permission.



“As always, we thank you for your tremendous, loyal support.”

However, the Tigers on the 26th May hit a stumbling block on their way to the redeveloped stadium.

As evident on the Wakefield Council Website under the relevant documents over this planning permission is a letter from the Environment Agency which states: “In the absence of an acceptable flood risk assessment we are maintaining our objection to this application and recommend that planning is refused.

“We have a reviewed the response letter and maintain our objection as the letter response does not adequately address the objection points in our previous letter especially around residual risk, finished floor levels and compensatory storage.”

The club is still working to remedy this with the Environmental Agency suggesting a meeting between the two parties which would cost the Tigers £100 per hour at least.

But there has yet to be confirmation from the Environmental Agency that they will support the planning as per Wakefield Council’s website.