Castleford have NOT been granted an academy license in shock development

This news comes following a lengthy application process which included a 2,000-page document that was submitted by the club.

The early feedback given as to the reasons that Castleford Tigers has not been awarded an Elite Academy Licence is due to a large number of clubs in a small geographical location, and that since 2014 the club has been bottom of the league for producing First Team players.

The application process did not consider that the club has 70+ young players on their current Scholarship & Academy programmes, alongside the Tigers Talent Pathway which continues to grow from strength to strength and enables a route for players from Under 12’s onwards.

Throughout the last Academy process, Castleford has invested millions of pounds into the club’s youth systems and structures.

As a result of this, the Tigers are determined to develop a hybrid system alongside their current College of Rugby League and Elite Player Pathways, details of this will be announced in due course.

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