Canterbury Bulldogs reportedly meet with Brisbane Broncos star

Rugby League mistake

Canterbury Bulldogs have met with a Brisbane Broncos star.

That’s according to the Daily Telegraph which has reported that the Bulldogs met with Brisbane forward Payne Haas.

However, Phil ‘Gus’ Gould has revealed that Haas’ $1 million aims were wide of the mark.

“When you’re paying particularly a forward that sort of money, I don’t see how (Haas) wins you that percentage of games to justify the cost,” Gould told Channel 9.

But Canterbury’s Pangai Jr, who is one of Haas’ closest friends, said that he will soon be worth over $1 million.

“People don’t understand once he develops that pass, and that offload, he’ll be one of the greats I reckon,” Pangai Jr said.

“In his first few years in the NRL, I think he has been that running-type forward.

“But he’s been working on this a lot … once he adds that offload to his game, a pass and makes himself an all round player, I think he will be worth over a million dollars.

“That’s the key for him, to keep developing his passing, his offload and he’ll be worth a lot more so I think he is worth a million dollars.”

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