Canberra Raiders’ Josh Hodgson joins high-profile board in impressive move

The Rugby League Players Association has announced that Josh Hodgson has been officially elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on 23rd March 2022.

Steve Harker and Hannah Southwell have also been formally elected to the RLPA Board of Directors, having been appointed as casual Board members in 2021.

Speaking about his election to the RLPA Board of Directors, Josh Hodgson said:

“I am thrilled and proud to be elected to the RLPA Board of Directors. I am grateful to the playing group for trusting in me to represent them at this level.

“This is going to be an important year for the NRL and NRLW playing groups with the upcoming negotiations of the next collective bargaining agreement. Our goal is to secure the best terms and conditions ever for players and I also look forward to having a voice on a wide range of matters.”

Clint Newton on the official appointment of Josh Hodgson to the RLPA Board of Directors:

“Josh is an incredible player, leader and person. He has worked resolutely for the players as an RLPA Delegate and then as a member of the Men’s Player Advisory Group from last year. I know for certain that he will show the same passion for his colleagues as a Director of the Association.”

“The RLPA is a truly player-lead association, and the addition of Josh Hodgson to our Board of Directors is just another example of that. The NRL and NRLW playing groups have never been more knowledgeable of their rights, committed to advancing their interests, and united in their collective strength.”

RLPA CEO Clint Newton thanked departing Board members Sia Soliola and Dale Copley for their incredible contribution to the Board.

“Sia and Dale were essential to the game on the field, and off it they worked tirelessly to advocate for the rights of all players,” said Clint Newton.

“They will forever be a part of the RLPA family and we wish them only the very best in retirement. All former, current and future players are grateful for their advocacy, and their contribution to the players will be felt for generations to come.”

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