Bureta Faraimo “not a dirty player,” says Hodgson after winger’s ban

Bureta Faraimo’s name has been talked about frequently over the past week following his tackle on Max Jowitt which left the latter sparked out on the floor.

However, Hull boss Brett Hodgson does not believe that the winger’s tackle was intentional.

“It was accidental rather than having any intent in there; Bureta is not a dirty player,” Hodgson said.

“I believe it was accidental and he’s been given two weeks now, so we’ve got to cop that on the chin.”

Hodgson does have one worry this week with Josh Bowden definitely out.

“Josh Bowden overextended his elbow; he’s got a fracture and some ligament damage to the head of his radius on his forearm.

“Unfortunately, he will be sidelined for upwards of six weeks, but we don’t know the extent until he sees a specialist on Friday.”

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