Buchanan praises “intent” behind potential missed red card incident

Yesterday, Mark Percival was forced off the field in St Helens’ Challenge Cup clash with Hull FC.

The centre was tackled by Brad Fash with the Hull FC forward landing on his head.

Fash’s arm and shoulder landed straight on Percival’s head as it collided with the ground effectively creating a sandwich where Percival’s head was the meat.

Fash was placed on report and St Helens took the two to take their lead out to 8-0.

They led 6-0 after a short Jack Welsby pass saw Joe Batchelor slice through and score.

There was contact with the head and some may feel like it could have carded.

That was the view of Jon Wilkin and Jamie Peacock.

As it was asked how can it be a penalty but only placed on report, Jamie Jones-Buchanan said on BBC:

“It is a contest. If the rules say that if you give a penalty then it should be a red card then he has got that wrong.”

Buchanan meanwhile admitted he liked the intent behind Fash in the moment:

“I liked the intent from Fash there, it didn’t go right there.”