Brown wants new players’ union

Warrington half-back Kevin Brown says he and his fellow professionals have no power in the sport and has called for a new players’ union to be formed.

Jon Wilkin set up League13 in 2012 but due to a lack of player support and funds, it folded at the end of 2015.

Players are now in need of a voice more than ever with league structures and the number of games a main concern.

This season has seen the majority of teams play two double-header weekends, leaving many question marks around player welfare.

“I wouldn’t want a union where you are arguing all the time and at loggerheads with the RFL, but I just think the players need a voice,” said Brown.

“I have played in this game for a long time and I’ve got some strong opinions on the welfare of the players and the rights we don’t have contract wise.

“You see people losing their jobs through injury, but when it’s because of the structure then that’s not right.”

Hull Kingston Rovers suffered relegation last season leaving all of their players temporarily unemployed because the club were left in an uncertain situation financially.

This is something that Brown believes needs addressing with players livelihoods put on the line during the pressure cooker of the Qualifiers and Million Pound Game.

“We never got told about the problems from the new structure, we just get told what we are doing,” said Brown.

“I think having discussions as a union with a couple of senior players from each team would work as long as everyone bought into it.

“This would be great for the next batch of players knowing they have a say and it would hopefully make it a better sport for them.”