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Brian Noble says IMG need to become like a dictatorship over rugby league

IMG’s re-imagining of rugby league has already begun especially now that clubs have voted in favour of their changes to Super League which will see clubs given grades which could determine their Super League status.

It has caused widespread debate in the sport especially with Keighley Cougars being so passionately against it.

Now Brian Noble has had his say on the Rugby League Outsiders YouTube channel.

“I don’t know, it’s early days but I don’t know,” he said of IMG.

“I’ll tell you why I don’t know, it just seems to me that they make a decision to do something then give all the clubs 10 weeks to work on it. They seem to be dragging their feet.

“If they’re going to take governance of the game and they want it to look a certain way they can do that. However if they’re at the behest of all the clubs with all these things to be voted on that does slow the mechanism down.

“I think it’s unreasonably slow at the moment, I think there’s some things that they know need to happen and they should happen and they should be getting to the point of doing them things.”

He also had his say on whether IMG need to be something akin to a dictatorship:

“Autocratic benevolence is what I like to call it. You need somebody making decisions with some good people around them and then the clubs buying into it.

“Somebody independent has to make some decisions, somebody who’s intelligent and articulate and they’re good decisions, if you can justify the decisions.

“Let’s not make any bones about this. You can make a wrong decision and still change it, ‘we made a wrong decision so we’re going to change it’

“I just think it needs a little bit more speed and a few more decisive decisions.”

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