Brian Noble names two surprise clubs he thinks will challenge St Helens in 2023

A former Super League Champion in the shape of Brian Noble has surprisingly picked two clubs from last year’s bottom four who he thinks can challenge St Helens and Wigan Warriors at the top of Super League.

Speaking on the 5 Live Rugby League Podcast, Noble tipped Warrington and Hull FC to be in the mix whilst saying he expects it to be Warrington to be “the closest to Saints.”

He said:

“I think Warrington will be a huge challenge this year. Their middles have been struggling for a number of years but I think they’ve resolved that. They’ve got a Super League superstar in the making in Paul Vaughan.

“Any time you get Wigan against Saints you’re always going to have that equation, it comes to down to desire of who can win.

“Hull will be a lot more consistent than they’ve been over the last few years in relation to probably not falling off the cliff.

“Saints will still be the challenge and if I’m one of the people trying to sharpen the knife etc I’m going to think that when it matters, how do we beat that team Saints because they’re the ones to beat.

“Of all the headline makers over the weekend though I think Warrington will go the closest to Saints.”

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