Brian Carney says he is now “less convinced” by this St Helens narrative

Brian Carney has said he is “less convinced” by St Helens but not in the way you might think.

Whilst others may say that they are “less convinced” by the Saints’ chances of retaining their title, Carney is not actually “less convinced” that their dynasty will in fact end.

“I don’t know whether or not St Helens are going to end this dynasty,” he said on Sky Sports as he changed his stance on their chances of winning five in a row.

“I probably thought before the start of the season that it could not continue but I am actually less convinced despite where they sit now in the table.

“So much has gone the way of Saints the last four years, unbelievable coaching appointments in Justin Holbrook and then Kristian Woolf but people are no asking questions with James Roby’s retirement imminent.

“Is this year that St Helens hit the wall?”

He then said if he could join any Super League side right now to have a shot at winning Super League, he would join the Saints:

“If I could put my boots back on again and get parachuted into a squad and have a chance to win a title, I would pick St Helens.

“If I am any of the sides above St Helens, I am looking back and seeing a truck come behind me.

“Nobody will want the Saints behind them. Paul Wellens, coaches are story tellers and he has now got a brilliant story to tell his side.

“This is where we are going to win it from, we have never done it from seventh in May.

“I would be very very worried if I was any club ahead of St Helens.”

Barrie McDermott then added:

“At some point they are going to click into gear and it is going to go right for them.”