Brian Carney fires shots at union boss Eddie Jones

England rugby union head coach Eddie Jones was a guest speaker at Hull FC’s clash with Salford Red Devils and it’s safe to say, he ruffled a few feathers with his comments.

When asked if any league players would make it in the 15-a-side game, Jones reminisced on his time spent training with Hull FC earlier in the year with one particular player coming to mind.

Unfortunately, a sly dig at the end of his response was met with true sarcastic wit from Sky Sports pundit Brian Carney back in the studio which sent the rest of the pundits into raucous laughter.

“I spent a bit of time up at Hull with Jake Connor,” Jones said.

“He’s a tough, skilful player and I’m sure if he got a bit fitter, he could make it in union.”

The cameras cut straight back to Carney whose face said it all.

“A rugby league player needing to get fitter to play rugby union.

“We’ve had a magician here now we’ve got a comedian.”

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Todney Roberts
Todney Roberts
1 year ago

Typical arrogance of thugby yawnion….a sport with deep dark freemason roots, hence why it attracts the vain money men….