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Bradford Bulls ‘in contention’ for Super League place in 2025

Bradford Bulls CEO Jason Hirst has revealed his views on whether the side can achieve an IMG grading worthy of a Super League place.

When the indicative grades were released, the Bulls placed in 14th place at 12.02 points. With Castleford’s correct finances included, going off what the club say, they’d be 11th – making Wakefield Trinity’s 12.52 points, 0.50 higher than Bradford, the lowest score for a Super League place.

Trinity’s on-field performance this year, and other improvements including to Belle Vue, means the Bulls were always going to need to make significant improvements themselves, while Castleford have already made wide-ranging improvements and Leigh, close to the Bulls in the 2023 scores, expect to have a Grade A score before long.

As both expect to have hugely increased scores ahead of the grading for 2025, it will be tough for the Bulls to catch them.

However, at Monday night’s fans’ forum, senior officials at the club sought to give their fans some clarity.

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Bradford Bulls CEO reveals club’s Super League chances for 2025

Hirst said the club expect a grading of at least 13, which would have put them 10th in the indicative gradings, but it’s unknown what the scores of clubs around them will be.

General manager Tracy Erby added, as reported by The Telegraph and Argus: “Whether that’s going to be enough to make Super League next season, we just don’t know at the moment, as there’ s no chance to compare our score with the likes of Castleford.

“But one thing we can say for definite is that we’ll be in a stronger position at the end of this year, when it comes to our final grading, than we were when we got our indicative score last October.”

Hirst also suggested that it might be out of reach next year, they were looking to achieve Super League status in the near future: “Even if we don’t make it this year, I hope you see the ambition of the club, as we wouldn’t be making these improvements if we didn’t have that.

“I’m realistic but I think we’ll return to Super League sooner rather than later, and remember you as fans can help us with that.

“We’re in the best place we’ve been in for years.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jaybs

    July 3, 2024 at 11:17 am

    Can’t believe! That Castleford ground is being highly rated?? yes a typical rugby league ground, but it will be another Major Error from & by IMG, love to know why we are still paying them a few, time to get RID OF THEM NOW! before they destroy Rugby League! The RFL are making a major error, only Hope, is The NRL buying Super League, and they would know much more & better how to run Super League & The RFL, which IMG clearly don’t

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