Bradford Bulls hamstrung by ‘financial restrictions’ and ‘pi**poor decisions’ according to reporter

The financial issues of the Bradford Bulls have been well documented over the past decade.

Since going into liquidation for three times in four years, the West Yorkshire club has tried desperately to get back onto an even keel financially.

Unfortunately, according to one Bradford reporter, The Game Caller, the club is still beset by problems that stems from the deal that the Bulls did with the Rugby Football League (RFL) back in 2017 – just after Bradford had gone into liquidation for the third time.

That money was borrowed from the governing body with the understanding it had to be repaid at some point in the future and that time is now with the Bulls set to face restrictions in the playing budget for 2023.

“Bradford do have financial restrictions,” The Game Caller said on The Full Eighty Minutes podcast.

“We haven’t mentioned them much, but I’ve known about this for a couple of weeks, the club is still being handcuffed by pi**poor decisions made by the management.

“I feel for Mark Dunning, this is me sticking up for him because his playing budget is restricted because of what happened between Andrew Chalmers and the RFL in January 2017 when the RFL rejected a bid from those others that were interested.

“The lent them £250,000 and that is now being paid back, so Bradford’s plying budget is being hindered in 2023.”

The Game Caller went even further, calling the West Yorkshire club one that is in ‘terminal decline’.

“I see the Bradford Bulls in a terminal decline under Nigel Wood and there needs to be maximum transparency.”

The Bulls have endured a difficult 2022 Championship season, finishing outside the play-offs despite hopes that the club could have finished in the top six before the season began.

Now, it is up to Mark Dunning to lead a revival of the club following the departure of John Kear to the Widnes Vikings.

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