Bizarre sausage story which sums up rugby league coaching hopeful previously linked with Wigan Warriors and Warrington Wolves

Eddie Jones has left his role as England rugby union boss.

In recent years he has spoken routinely about an ambition to coach in the NRL, especially South Sydney Rabbitohs, and has previously been approached by Wigan Warriors and Warrington Wolves.

However, any rugby league side who wants to recruit Jones will have to fend off competition from elsewhere with Australia rugby union already keen on bringing Jones back given his superb record.

But to have a record like that, you have to be ruthless and the story of former England player Joe Simpson has revealed a story that highlights this.

Speaking to Rugby Pass on YouTube:

“Another story he’s given a coach an absolute in a meeting and calls them up later in the day and says ‘look I want to apologise to you for the way I spoke to you in front of everyone, in front of everyone at the coaches meeting.’ He was like ‘I’ve bought you a steak take it home and eat it with your missus and enjoy yourself’ an apology.

“The bloke goes home and tells his wife and was like ‘that was bizarre but anyway he has given me a steak’ anyway they get it out and it’s a pack of sausages in there and gets a text from him later being like ‘you’re not ready for steak you’re a sausage up your game.’

“He was like ‘how do I carry on this job after being abused like that?’

“If you look at the turnover in coaches, if coaches want to get out of their contract they could go to HR and show them all the emails and texts from Eddie and they would be like yes you can go early and we’ll keep it hush hush.

“He abused anyone he works with.”

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