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Bitter legal battle between Rugby League star and ex-wife takes new twist

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Michael Jennings and ex-wife Kirra Michelle Wilden have been embroiled in a legal battle for the past few months, but the court has now heard how Jennings’ new partner took to social media to make potentially defamatory statements, Fox Sports has reported.

Wilden is seeking damages for personal injuries and made allegations that the former NRL star raped her during the time they spent together, something which Jennings has vehemently denied.

Ms Wilden’s lawyer presented a series of social media posts made by Jennings’ current partner Kristin Harris following the publication of the case, with Wilden now considering defamation proceedings against Harris.

Wilden then denied deleting several messages from her phone, which Jennings’ barrister Michelle Campbell described as damaging to her case.

Ms Campbell accused her of deleting the texts after being asked to produce them in a subpoena.

“I did not delete them,” Ms Wilden said.

She told the court that she had failed to produce them because her phone was “glitching” and some messages would not load properly. Wilden then went on to say that she had spent thousands of dollars to hire a specialist consultant to examine her phone in a bid to comply with the court’s request.

Though Wilden is suing Jennings, the former NRL three-quarter is not facing a criminal trial over rape accusations, despite the fact that Wilden insists that he raped her on several occasions between October 2014 and early 2016, during the course of unrelated civil proceedings in 2018.

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