Bevan French and Jai Field reveal the secret of their success

If there were two players who felt like they could beat any team on the planet by themselves it was Wigan Warriors’ partnership of Jai Field and Bevan French.

It seemed like they could be the ones to unseat St Helens as Super League Champions in 2022 until Leeds Rhinos stunned them in the semi-finals.

Now in 2023 the goal has to be the Grand Final.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Bevan French shed some light on the Warriors’ attitudes going into the new season:

“We’re focused on a week to week thing. We’ve got the new centres, then Custy and Harry so we’ve still got a lot to work on combination wise as well. As long as we keep trying to improve on that every week I think that’s the main thing, we haven’t really looked too far ahead.”

Meanwhile Jai Field revealed a key component of what makes their partnership so effective:

“It’s funny he said that because we do get on off the pitch. We’ve both got similar backgrounds, we’ve come across each other in the past. I think Bev said the other day, it’s quite natural, we don’t actually go out on the field and talk about what we’re going to do. It’s more just sticking to the game plan and what the team want to get out of the game. For us it’s just an ability to pop up with each other and anticipate where the ball’s going to be, most of the time when I look over my shoulder he’s there and vice versa.”

After this French said: “Everyone loves playing with Jai, he makes everyone better.”

Field echoed this sentiment as it became clear that off-field respect is the key to their on-field success:

“I think it’s the same, it’s the confidence having him in your team, sitting in the changing rooms before the game and having him in your corner. I think I said last year that you might throw him the ball and he might step five people and score, just stuff that other people can’t do, so having that in the back of your head is a pleasure.”

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