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Ben Barba to make his comeback

Former NRL and Super League star Ben Barba will be representing North Queensland in a curtain-raiser match ahead of the AFL fixture in Cairns this weekend.

The Adelaide Crows will take on St Kilda, but Barba will be taking to the field before that fixture for the Queensland representative team at Cazalys Stadium, has reported.

Barba, 31, was given a lifetime ban by the NRL following a string of off-field incidents, with one allegation that he assaulted his partner at a casino.

Coach Aaron Davey said the team was glad to have Barba in their ranks.

“I know Benny personally, it’ll be awesome to have him and great for the community,” Davey said.

“But in saying, that he’s done what he’s done at the highest level in NRL and [under] unfortunate circumstances he’s playing a different code.

“But he’s doing awesome stuff and I think our boys are more pumped having him playing than me coaching him, so that’s a blessing.”

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