Barrie McDermott slams Super League star for “instigating” red card incident

Leigh Leopards star Ben Reynolds has been shown a red card to start the Magic Weekend day two.

The Leopards lead 10-0 after tries from Lachlan Lam and Rob Mulhern and the Leopards were cruising until the returning David Fifita came onto the field.

A great drive from Fifita was difficult to stop prompting Reynolds to come in late on Fifita prompting a six again.

Fifita took exception to the matter and got up and marched forward before copping what has been deemed a punch by Reynolds.

The red card was shown after the footage was reviewed numerous times by the video referee.

Speaking on Sky Sports, former Wakefield Trinity star Danny Brough said:

“David Fifita has come on and his job is to get under people’s skin and he has certainly done that.

“I think if you are going to throw a punch these days, you have to smash them and make it count.

“He has cost his team there.”

Meanwhile, Barrie McDermott said Reynolds instigated the situation:

“You can’t throw a punch in today’s game. I don’t know what he was trying to do when he went in there late. You said it was a flop, it was like he was trying to instigate a bit of trouble.”