Barrie McDermott says Super League side won’t make the play-offs in 2023

Barrie McDermott has said he is “concerned” for Huddersfield Giants as he said they won’t make the play-offs in 2023.

This came as the Sky Sports pundits re-assessed their pre-season predictions and McDermott has been surprised by the Giants.

“I thought I knew how Huddersfield Giants were going to go in 2023,” he said.

“They got to the Challenge Cup Final last year and you can argue that they were only moments away from winning that Challenge Cup Final.

“I thought they had all the key ingredients in place, finished third in 2022. What I don’t know now is whether they are even going to make the play-offs.

“That is because I don’t think the spine is functioning properly.”

Then Brian Carney asked: “Really? You’re that concerned about that?”

To which McDermott responded:

“Yeah. I just don’t know. They’re unpredictable at best. The way that they play within the confines that Ian Watson has set for them just makes me unclear and unsure how they are going to look.

“The big games they are not playing well in and it’s the same for the games they are supposed to win.

“They conceded 40 points in the Challenge Cup and that is nowhere near the hallmark of an Ian Watson side.

“I bet they’re confused in the changing rooms. They’ll be wondering, who is the main playmaker? Is it Jake Connor, Theo Fages or Tui Lolohea.”