Barrie McDermott hits back at suggestion Super League side are “fragile”

Phil Clarke raised eyebrows over the Magic Weekend when he described Warrington Wolves as “a very fragile team.”

He said before their shock defeat to Hull FC: “I still think Brian this is still a very fragile team which is not high on confidence and doesn’t have a lot of belief.

“Two or three defeats and they could easily tipple down.

“I still don’t think that the team has much confidence. If you got a lie detector and asked everyone of their players, I don’t think 50% of them would give you a yes yet.

“We still have a long way to go this season, we’re only half way through and they need to build more confidence.”

This is because he sees a body language in them that suggests this:

“A vibe, a feel, a body language. I might be wrong but we’re paid as pundits to have opinions and that is mine having seen what I have seen.”

However, Barrie McDermott hit back at this suggestion using St Helens as his example:

“No, I am going to apply your theory to St Helens and I know they have history of winning it but every season every team will gain confidence and have a couple of steps back.

“Two three weeks ago they were probably enjoying things but they have had a rough patch but any successful team gains momentum from learning lessons and applying them at the back end.”