Barrie McDermott has sympathy for Zane Tetevano after red card decision

On Friday night Leeds Rhinos star Zane Tetevano picked up his third red card in a Leeds Rhinos shirt.

Fortunately his teammates stepped up and delivered a famous win against Wigan Warriors scoring six tries with 12 men.

The red card incident was a late hit on Harry Smith where it was deemed he made contact with the head of Smith.

Former Rhino Barrie McDermott had sympathy for Tetevano saying “it is such a hard thing” to put pressure on halfbacks now.

He said: “It is such a hard thing to do to put pressure on those ball players as they take the ball to the line.

“He left the referee with no choice there.”

Meanwhile Phil Clarke felt that it was a yellow card: “No I don’t think it was a red card. We didn’t have the best view here in the corner. At most it was maybe a yellow card.

“I don’t think there is direct contact with the head and I think he is fractionally unlucky.

“The ball player runs at him and commits him. If he passes the ball a fraction of a second of the ball beforehand it is a tackle.”

Former Leeds captain Stevie Ward had no sympathy for Tetevano however: “He is putting pressure on the halfback but he has gone from out to win and leaving his teammates short there.

“You can’t do that, he has intent and bite but too much.

“You can’t do that now.”

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