Australian commentator praises “beautiful” Super League ground as he visits Castleford Tigers and Wakefield Trinity

Beloved Australian commentator Andrew Voss is in the UK for the Rugby League World Cup covering games with the BBC.

Whilst here, he has been doing a tour of grounds across the country and today visited the homes of Castleford Tigers and Wakefield Trinity.

It’s safe to say, it was love at first sight for Vossy at Castleford who took to Twitter to say: “Hello folks, Vossy again on the road living the dream, the rugby league adventure whilst I’m here for the rugby league world cup.

“I’m at the home of the Castleford Tigers: this is bloody beautiful, let me tell you pardon the French.”

He then appeared on the club’s Twitter page to underline that the stadium is one of his favourites and that he would like to be considered an honouree fan: “I don’t know whether I have been happier, I have to get back to Australia but you can get your season tickets and live what I think would be the dream.

“A Beautiful rugby league ground, as charming as any ground as I’ve seen. So if you don’t mind, can I become a honouree Tigers fan.”

He was also very grateful to visit Belle Vue and seems excited by the work the club is doing, saying:

“Thank you Wakefield Trinity for the tour. Great people working at this club. I am sure ground is going to look vastly different next time I visit.”

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