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“At risk” – Salford Red Devils issue statement on worrying stadium situation

Salford Red Devils have issued a further statement on the situation around their stadium which they said could lead to liquidation if not dealt with.

This is because they could soon be violating the IMG minimum standards which would see them face the threat of relegation.

The club have now made a statement responding to the Mayor of Salford’s own statement last week with a number of encouraging updates.

The club said: “Following the statement made by Mayor Dennett last week, on Thursday, a number of meetings were held by the Council in respect to the future of the Salford Stadium. Since the meetings, we have received several updates that we believe are important to share. These include:

“A meeting this week between the Council and the RFL to discuss the planned process for stadium acquisition, thus enabling a long-term lease and protecting our pursuit of a Grade A rating in IMG’s grading criteria.

“A meeting between Sale Sharks, Salford Red Devils and Salford City Council to take place imminently to discuss the rental agreement.

“Hopeful of a new food & beverage, and car park contract to be completed by the time of acquisition which should enable Salford Red Devils to generate revenue.

“Further comments have been shared addressing access to various commercial streams, however the timelines for the Club receiving access to these are likely to remain unfavourable given the processes that must first be undertaken.

“We have received an indication of intent for the acquisition to be complete within the first quarter of 2024.”

That being said, they still showed trepidation, as they went on to say: “Whilst we welcome the statement made by Mayor Dennett, as well as the above, we are conscious our position remains a time-sensitive one that is currently without a resolution. Without this materialising imminently, we are only able to assume that we will continue to not have access to the various commercial streams we have operated towards and budgeted for over the coming months.

“Our club is more than just a team people watch every other week. Our Club is Salford’s Club; owned by its community, and consistently here for its community as a source of jobs, education, and health. Mayor Dennett has previously spoken to the importance of Salford Red Devils as a 150-year-old institution of Salford, and despite previous experiences, there is a wholehearted belief that the Council will come through.

“However, as the end of our current tenancy agreement is imminent, we remain aware that any further inaction could place this at risk.

“We are optimistic following recent discussions and hope that the meetings this week offer a path to a swift resolution of critical priority, rather than serve as another example of a failed-to-materialise assurance.”

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