“As bad as it could be” – Kyle Amor lifts the lid on experience with Warrington in 2022

The Daryl Powell project at Warrington Wolves now seems well on track in 2023 after a tough year in 2022 as they finished 11th.

Mid way through last season they brought in Super League Champion Kyle Amor but it was a move that left Amor in an awkward spot having endured “a bad experience” at the club as he expressed on The Bench podcast with Jon Wilkin and Jenna Brooks.

He said: “It was a bad experience to be honest. Daryl Powell already said that during his 20 year coaching career, it was the worst. I can vouch for that.

“There was a point towards the end where I actually asked Daryl Powell if he wouldn’t play me because I was done with it. I think a lot of the playing group were done with it. There was a lot of mentally tired lads.

“I came to Warrington almost to try and squeeze the last life out of my full time career and when I got here the place was probably as bad as it could be.

“It goes this bad that I was counting down the days to finish. I had this conversation with Daryl Powell, he pulled me and asked if I was alright. It must have been pretty obvious that I was moping around and that I was done.

“I said to him, ‘I think you need to play one of the young kids who is willing to die for your shirt because I’m not.’

“You have to be all in in rugby league, if you’re not it’s very very difficult.”

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