Another NRL player given COVID-19 vaccine ultimatum

It follows in the wake of John Asiata’s contract being terminated by the Canterbury Bulldogs, but a Penrith Panthers star is the latest to earn the indignation of his side by failing to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

This time it is hooker Api Koroisai who has been warned about the “very clear consequences” if he remains unvaccinated.

The reigning champions aren’t looking to sack the 29-year-old, but they are prepared to give him a huge fine and remind him of how his absence will negatively influence the team.

As the NRL has not issued a league-wide mandate for the vaccination, Koroisau is free to play under league regulations.

However, he will not be able to play in Queensland or Victoria, with both state governments banning unvaccinated people from entering stadiums, according to Fox Sports.

Koroisau is one of ten NRL players that still remain without the jab, with the hooker set to miss a minimum of four games in the 2022 NRL season if he remains unvaccinated.

“He had a meeting last week with the Panthers and was told very clearly the ramifications and the consequences if he doesn’t get his vaccination,” The Daily Telegraph’s Dean Richie told Big Sports Breakfast.

“Api will miss four games next year through not being vaccinated. Minimum four games.

“Panthers are saying it’s okay to fine him but how much disruption does that give the team during those weeks.

“Api is on holidays, not back until Dec 15. When he walks in they’ll jump at him and go ‘What are your thoughts’.

“At the moment they don’t want to go down the sack him path, and I guess this is the confusion we get when each club has been left to make their own rules.”

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