Andy Last explains defeat to Hull FC

Castleford Tigers are out of the Challenge Cup.

After their defeat, coach Andy Last reflected on the defeat.

“Unfortunately that first half they exposed us on that right to left with our lack of experience and lack of lateral speed there and they posted a lot of points,” he explained on BBC after their loss.

“Bit disappointing with the first half but I thought we competed a lot better in the second half. But they had too many points on the scoreboard.”

He went onto explain further what is holding the Tigers back:

“We are sitting on our heels too much. There are too many one out carries. We need to support the ball carrier a lot better. It is something we have been working on and I tell the boys we need to play in better shape and move the ball more to generate a bit of ruck speed.

“The rucks were too slow from us from a defensive point of view.

“I think we were in it at halftime but the first score in the second half was important and unfortunately we made an error in the first set and they capitalised and that burst our bubble.”

In a losing streak at present, Last opened up on what the Tigers need to do as they need to emulate Hull:

“It is really tough times for us but we need to get galvanised as a group.

“Hull FC are a good example for us after their losing streak. They were positive and worked hard and have come out of the other side of it.”

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