Andrew Voss hits back against the suggestion St Helens would struggle in the NRL

There has been a lot of debate about St Helens and their win over Penrith Panthers at the weekend.

There are some pushing against the narrative that St Helens are a truly good team and were the better side on the night.

However, Andrew Voss has hit back against suggestions that they’d miss out on the top eight.

Vossy said on the Vossy and Brandy Pod: “I disagree. If I write down the top 10 players in the Super League then I reckon St Helens have at least five of them. The Australian players that they have, and we saw this the other night, are good players who aren’t on a pension fund.

“They still have a lot to offer, they could come back to the NRL. Sione Mata’utia and Curits Sironen could come back to the NRL and be part of a starting 17 every week. I think they are a genuinely good side.”

His co-host tended to agree with him as well: “I think they’d be in the mix for the top eight. They could miss the top eight. I don’t think St Helens crack the top six, for me it’s Panthers, Roosters, Souths, Cowboys, Sharks, Eels, then it’s the rest of the competition fighting out for the two bottom playoff spots. They could be in the mix with the likes of the Broncos battling for the last two spots of the eight.”

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