An apology to Lee Briers

Serious About Rugby League would like to send an apology to Lee Briers and his family.

Last night, Serious About Rugby League wrote an article about Briers opening up about an ‘alcohol addiction’. but there has never been a dependency on alcohol, and, after an in-depth chat, we would like to apologise sincerely to Lee and his family for any damage to his reputation this has caused.

It was lazy journalism on our part and we will be working hard to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

It was an insensitive subject to write about and Lee’s comments didn’t reference anything about an addiction, for which we wholeheartedly apologise.

There is nothing in Lee’s comments above that show an alcohol addiction and, again, we would like to say sorry for the damage that this has caused to Lee’s reputation and his family.

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1 month ago

Lazy journalism is standard for you Callum old boy