Agar speaks out about Gale incident

Richard Agar said the incident between him and Luke Gale is in the past after the latter was dropped and stripped of the captaincy following a team meeting.

Gale owned up to walking out of training after the meeting which he later described as “unprofessional”, but Agar is keen to move on.

“It was tough but we all realised it needed to be done, as Luke alluded to it himself in the interview he’s done,” Agar said.

“We talk about trademarks effectively we have a set of standards and behaviours as a club that no matter what situation we will have to fall back and adhere to and he put his hand up and said he wavered on that.

“Luke is an extremely competitive person which has made him the player he is and just unfortunately this time he didn’t manage that competitiveness, spirit and emotion in the right way.”

Agar said it was important that Gale apologised to the rest of the squad.

“We just felt for the rest of the squad that we had to uphold some of those standards we set and he realised there’s a lesson in it, but I can also say this that it has been very easy for us to move on from – I don’t think there’s any lingering.

“It was important that Luke apologised for him and the squad, as teammates we have a strong squad and a tight bunch here and they are more than happy to move on and put it behind us.”

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