Agar sad for Salford after positive tests

Leeds Rhinos Head Coach Richard Agar has expressed his sadness at the news of positive tests at Salford Red Devils.

The Red Devils returned two positive tests for coronavirus, with a further two producing inconclusive results. All four are self-isolating as a result.

Following the semi-finals, some on social media discussed the idea of sides going into a mini-quarantine before the cup final.

However, Agar dismissed this, saying they are always doing what they can to keep the game going.

He said: ” I don’t think we as a sport would be able to do what the Premier League is doing, in terms of decamping players.

“As a sport, we have done all we can to keep the game on the field, so we can survive. Every club is doing their upmost.

“We’ve all bought into the fact that if we have to change fixtures late, or stand people down, then we will do our best to keep it on the pitch.

” I am incredibly sad it’s happened to Salford, it could’ve just as easily been us and we would do our best to ensure the game is played. Ultimately, the sport is bigger than that.

“Personally, I do not pay too much attention to what people say on social media.”

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