Adrian Lam went straight to changing rooms after Wigan Warriors defeat and would not leave for interview

Leigh Leopards have lost fourth spot to Hull KR after their defeat to Wigan Warriors on Friday night which saw Wigan claim top spot, the most favourable semi-final at home and the League Leaders’ Shield.

Wigan had led 10-0 before Lachlan Lam scored just before the break and Leigh thought they had levelled matters when Oliver Gildart crossed but the try was disallowed for obstruction.

This left many associated with Leigh Leopards unhappy and after the game the club out right refused to allow Adrian Lam to speak to Sky Sports because of this decision.

It was reported by Brian Carney that Lam had gone straight to the changing rooms and wouldn’t leave.

It was also suggested that this was based on orders from others by the Sky Sports crew.

Leigh were under the pump in the opening quarter except for an early chance when they came up short with Ben Reynolds who was on the inside ball but couldn’t squeeze through.

There was a suspicion of a high tackle and that could have led to the first try had it been given.

Adrian Lam was clearly not happy about this spotted on Sky gesturing for the high tackle.

Shortly after that, Jai Field jinked and weaved his way through the Leigh defence wrong footing a number of Leigh fringe defenders to score the opener.

Down the left against a right edge without Zak Hardaker, Wigan were having plenty of joy and Jake Wardle came up only just short.

Leigh did roll down field for a chance of their own but Oliver Gildart was denied before a stray pass gave Wigan the ball and then a lovely set move saw Jai Field feed Wardle through a gap to score.

Leigh did have another chance but Josh Charnley was bundled into touch by Abbas Miski.

They did eventually get themselves a try after a lovely break down the left with Lachlan Lam finishing off under the stick with Ben Reynolds converting.

The second half depicted two top teams going blow for blow.

Wigan thought they had found a way through the Leopards defence when Jai Field ducked and darted through the defence but he was brought back for obstruction.

Then at the other end of the field straight after this Leigh thought they had scored with a lovely set play but a very slight obstruction was noticed by Liam Moore and insufficient evidence when the video referee looked back meant the try was denied.