Adrian Lam gives update on coaching future

Adrian Lam has been a rolling 12-month contract since taking over at Wigan in 2019 and he told Sky Sports’ Golden Point Podcast that he is happy with such an arrangement.

“With my current situation at Wigan, I’ve got an agreement with Ian Lenagan that I’m on a year-to-year contract and I’m really happy about that scenario,” Lam said.

“It’s what I talked about with him privately when we started and with Kris Radlinski and I think that’s what gets the best out of coaches and the best out of me.

“It’s something I’m loving and enjoying what I’m doing here at the moment – I’ve got great staff that deliver the philosophy really well and a great bunch of players who I believe are the right people for the club.

“Obviously we’re doing it tough at the minute with injuries but that builds up the resilience.

“I’m loving it, it’s hard to see whether I’m going to be a coach in ten years or not, but I hope theres a long way to go yet.”

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Vic Wilkinson
Vic Wilkinson
1 year ago

What happened to all the open play everything thing is one out runs no off loads