Adrian Lam critical of ban to star player

Leigh Leopards picked up their first win of the season last week against Hull KR but it came at a cost as they lost Ben Reynolds to a long term ban.

Speaking on Leigh’s social media, coach Adrian Lam had no problem with the charge against Reynolds for a late hit however he did question the severity of punishment.

He said this week:

“I think it was a bit harsh, not so much the charge but the time off of two weeks. I’ve watched it over 100 times and when you look at it there’s certainly a charge that is due, there’s no challenge against that.

“It’s the severity of it for two weeks, that’s the hard part that I’m finding with it. But it is what it is, we’re not fighting it. We’re just going to get on with it this week and Benny will have to sit out for those two weeks.”

He explained how it will change his team:

“It gives an opportunity for either Gaz O’Brien to go back to the halves and Zak to full-back and Chamberlain to centre, or if Joe Mellor passes his fitness test then he’ll come into consideration for us.”

This came before he spoke about how he would deal with his loss in terms of goalkicking: “He was at a 100% there which probably put is in a good position to win that game. We acknowledged that at a team meeting how important that role was. But there’s Zak Hardaker or Gaz O’Brien who will come into play to do the goal kicking and there’s no doubt it’s important if it’s a close game.”

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