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Adrian Lam claims crucial Wigan try “would have been disallowed” if looked at by video referee

Adrian Lam was proud of his players after they lost to Wigan Warriors last night.

However, they ended up coming up short against their rivals in the Battle of the Borough despite what Lam felt was a strong start.

He said on the club’s YouTube channel: “I thought we got the started that we wanted. A couple of lucky bounces from kicks down their left hand side sort of got repeat sets for them, and they had three or four or five sets off that.”

He admitted though that he felt Wigan’s first try should have been disallowed:

“That was a bit frustrating and we didn’t defend the first try. I was a bit frustrated with that because it was definitely a lead outside of our three defender which, had it it gone up to a video, would have been disallowed.

“I knew we needed to keep their first try away for as long as we possibly could to be a chance tonight and they awarded that without going up to the video ref.

“On where I was sitting it was definitely a no try but you get that, I don’t know why they didn’t use it when it’s there to use but that’s not the rest why we lost.

“It’s just when you’re playing teams like Wigan you’ve got to get those lucky moments on your side.”

It was another try, this one from Jai Field, which caught the eye and had pundits saying it shouldn’t have been allowed.

In the eyes of Sky Sports commentator Barrie McDermott, a former Wigan player, it was a try that shouldn’t have been given.

After Chris Kendall had green lit the try, McDermott said: “Are you happy he still had control of that ball as he put it down? I think there is a case to say that at some point he loses it.

“Chris Kendall is happy with it are you?”

Terry O’Connor, another former Warriors, answered: “Yeah.”

McDermott then gave his assessment of the try:

“You can see everyone moving towards the ball and their hips facing the wrong way and Jai Field exploits it.”

He then gave his opinion that Field lost the ball:

“Tom Briscoe does his best, gets it on his thigh but I think he lets go of the ball, it stays on his forearm lodged between his forearm and bicep.

“I think Leigh are unlucky.”

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