Adopted Airlie Bird Mahe Fonua on his love for Hull FC and relationship with Brett Hodgson

If ever there was an adopted Airlie Bird, it’s Mahe Fonua.

Despite being at the club for just two seasons in his first stint at the KCOM Stadium, the blockbusting winger quickly became a cult hero on the terraces, and, it’s a love that Fonua reciprocates.

“I’ve got some mad love for the supporters here; that’s why I felt comfortable making the decision to come back.

“Even when I was over at the Wests Tigers, I still had Hull fans write to me on a weekly basis and show me their support.

“It wasn’t hard coming back knowing I still had a good fan base to come back to.”

Another plus point for Fonua in 2021 has been linking up with old friend Brett Hodgson – who he met during his stint at Wests.

“It’s been good to reconnect again; we had a good relationship at Wests, but I think he’s bringing the best out in me.

“I needed to find some form and I’m really enjoying my time with Brett again.

“I feel like it’s a bit easier to get yourself motivated for the big games, it’s the games where there’s less importance but I’m always trying to be at my best regardless and I feel like Brett brings that out in me.”

Though Fonua loves Hull, he has yet to make a decision regarding his future, mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Covid has affected a lot of families and people and Super League was definitely affected by it – we had a big long pause and had to cram extra games into shorter periods.

“When I put pen to paper, there was no way I could have foretold that was going to happen.

“It’s been different, but we were all happy to come over – things change but we are still happy and healthy.”

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