Adams looking to create Rugby League and football hybrid

RFL president Tony Adams has revealed plans to stage a rugby league and football hybrid game.

The adventurous idea would see players from the 13-man game face off against footballers in a game that would consist of a half of football and a half of rugby league.

Adams has, however, admitted that he is struggling to gain interest from anyone in the round ball code.

Tony Adams is aiming to set up a hybrid game between footballers and rugby league players.

“I had an idea to play a game that is first half football rules, second half Rugby League, but only Stuart [Pearce] so far says he fancies it,” Adams told Sky Sports News.

“So there’s me and him, but we want some more footballers to come forward.

“I think it’d be a great way to mark my year in presidency and a great way to raise awareness of the challenges of the sport.

“We can get some football posts in between the rugby posts and raise some money for the Benevolent Fund at the same time.”