Adam Pearson reveals Hull FC owe money to the government

Alongside the likes of Leeds Rhinos and Warrington Wolves, Hull FC are one of the most ambitious clubs in the league. The Black and Whites showed that ambition ahead of the 2023 season signing the likes of Tex Hoy and Jake Trueman ahead of the new season.

Hull have again showed that ambition ahead of the 2024 season signing the likes of Herman Ese’ese and Franklin Pele from the NRL.

The club are still showing major investment despite the fact that the Black and Whites need to pay the government a substantial moment.

Adam Pearson confirmed this in an interview on the club website: “Yeah obviously I’ve said so many times you don’t want to repeat yourself, that the support is so essential. It is.

“We have some big payments to the government to make back in the early part of 2024 and then once we’re through that, we look to be in good shape, as good a shape as any club in Super League and that takes some saying.

“The losses in Super League have been so enormous over the last two years that I think every club needs to be looking at what they’re doing from a sustainability point of view.

“There is a lot of work to do and obviously at the minute the broadcast deal is going the wrong way, there’s a lot of money from the broadcasters going into new and emerging sports and it seems to be affecting rugby league more than any other sports.

“We’ve got to work really hard to try to get income from other areas apart from broadcast streaming. It could be one of those, but again the main broadcast deal is slightly disappointing, no doubt about that.”

He also spoke about the new TV deal: “I think it’s great that all games are on television and that we’ll have screens and things for the integrity of the sport. That’s important so that every game is being played on the same set of rules really.

“So that is a great breakthrough but certainly financially the broadcast deal is something we’re going to have to work very hard on over the next three years.”

He also spoke about the importance of changing the situation with video referees: “It helps the frustration on the day because obviously we all feel we get bad calls and we don’t get the fair rub of the green and certainly last season the frustration is built on certain decisions and now at least we are able to see very clearly whether the referee is right or wrong, so it’s going to put them under more scrutiny but I think from the spectators point of view it’s going to be a release on frustration and also it’s great to see incidents close up and see what’s going on properly.”