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“Act like a man” – coach blasts own player in emphatic fashion

Sydney boss Trent Robinson has told loose-forward Victor Radley to grow up and start acting like an adult after 23-year-old was kicked off a Gold Coast flight.

Radley is still under investigation by the NRL integrity unit after being made to fly back to Sydney on Sunday morning with the coaches – even though he initially went under his own steam to watch his friend Ben Thomas debut.

But, Robinson has launched a barrage of criticism at the star.

“It’s not what we want from our players so just don’t do it,” Roosters coach Robinson said.

“Act like a man in public and behave yourself. It’s pretty simple.

“It’s really frustrating. We don’t want that in general public let alone someone that wears the colours every week.

“It’s disappointing and shouldn’t happen.”

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