Absent Will Pryce gives verdict on Huddersfield Giants win as does Tui Lolohea

The main strength of the Huddersfield Giants in 2022 is their squad depth and that was again shown today with the West Yorkshire side not missing Will Pryce or Josh Jones.

Both were named in the 21-man squad but were curiously left out of the 17. Perhaps they’re two of the players with “niggles” which is the word Head Coach Ian Watson used to describe the state of his squad on Friday prior to the fixture.

Either way, the Giants did not miss them with Sam Hewitt replacing Josh Jones expertly whilst Olly Russell and Theo Fages proved very effective in the halves for the Giants as they defeated Salford 30-18.

After the game, Will Pryce was invited into the Sky Sports studio and voiced his opinion on the win having seen it from the outside, he did not reveal why he didn’t play.

“I’m really buzzing for the boys to go out there and get the win. Watto told us to just focus on us. We kind of build on hard work. We come from a hard working town in Huddersfield and we want to kind of reiterate that when we play.

“We have to focus on us and how we play.”

So Pryce, despite not playing, was pleased but what about someone who played in one of his favoured positions in the shape of Tui Lolohea at fullback.

He told Jenna Brooks how he felt after the game: “Yeah definitely relieved. We knew Salford would turn up, the last few weeks they’ve performed to a high level and we knew it was going to be a tough day. Full credit to them.

“It was pretty tough, it’s pretty hot. It’s good to be playing in weather like this. I think it opens things up a bit.”

He then went on to say he was relieved to see that Ian Watson had signed a new deal. It’s Watson’s duty to settle upon the spine that will guide them to the Grand Final and silverware which does mean that at times Tui Lolohea and Will Pryce may not play together.

But both are exceptional players and clearly seem to enjoy training under Watson believing he is bringing the best out of them with this described by Watson as just the start of the project today.

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