“A flop-a-thon” – Rohan Smith says Leeds’ errors are because of the tendency of teams to “flop” on his players

Not for the first time this season, Leeds Rhinos coach Rohan Smith was left unhappy with his side’s errors around the ruck as they lost to Castleford Tigers.

After the game, Smith addressed how to amend this problem.

However, Smith was more focused on the style of every team trying to slow down the ruck.

He described the game as “a flop-a-thon.”

He said: “Practice, repetition, you know, mindset of taking our time when needed. The other thing that plays a part in that, that every team, every player in every team, in every game of rugby league anywhere in the world is trying to find a quick play of the ball.

“And when you’ve got two flops landing on plenty of plays, you can’t get one, so then everyone fights that little bit harder to get one, and that’s where generally where those errors come from. Like it was a flop-a-thon, like on the stats last week, it was 48 to 14 on the stats that get coded by an independent source. I’d be surprised if there’s not more there today.”

Naturally, Smith was asked should Leeds themselves do it more.
This is because Leeds have often been criticised for their passive defence.
On this, Smith said:
“To me it’s not about that. It’s, yeah, we could stay in the ruck longer, certainly we could do that, but it’s more, you negate the good carry that you had or the momentum that you’re generating. So how do you get that? You just have to be persistent and stick with it for longer and we didn’t do that today.”