“A city divided by two successful teams” – Super League star explains why derby is so special

It is Rivals Round this week which means the question over the biggest rivalry of course has been raised.

Hull KR star, formerly of Hull FC, Jordan Abdull, has emphasised what makes the Hull derby so special on Sky Sports.

He said: “It’s hostile. It is a city divided by two successful rugby league teams. That has been my message during the week though that there is hatred, there is bragging rights but we are also one city and we have two successful Super League teams in the same competition so the message should be a positive thing but it never is.

“It is always about getting one over and I think it is even more heated now that Tony has gone to Hull FC and there is all that with a former coach so this week has been a bit frosty but it is all good fun and by the end of it someone will have won and lost and it will take days to reflect on that.”

He also reacted to the comments Jon Wilkin made last week saying he didn’t take his career seriously in the past.

He said:

“I would probably agree in a roundabout way I probably did take being a Super League player from such a young age for granted and I probably didn’t understand the role I needed to play as a professional athlete.

“I was at a very good Hull FC side coming through and I would play one game and then miss a few and I probably didn’t deal so well with not playing well so it has definitely taken me a good few years to understand what I need to do leading up to game and when I’m not playing.

“Some of that off field stuff maybe took me five or six years but I have cracked that now and I can now strive to just get better.”

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