Hull KR chief believes only four Super League clubs will receive a Grade A licence from IMG

IMG are set to re-imagine rugby league moving forward.

Their proposals will see a bigger focus on international rugby league, the end of the Magic Weekend and a move away from conventional promotion and relegation.

Instead licencing will take effect with Grade A clubs immune from relegation.

In the eyes of Hull KR Chief Executive Paul Lakin, there are only four teams in Super League who would qualify for a Grade A licence.

“In the next 12 months there will be announcements of three levels of license, ABC, the intention is over a period of a few years to try and get all clubs in the professional game to the same standard,” he said at a fan event last night.

“I think IMG will be announcing only 4 clubs at grade A, but I believe it will be a high bar and one that’s aspirational.

“Once a grade A is achieved it will protect these clubs from relegation. There are a number of tough criteria to earn this status, but it’s clear what our ambition is as a club moving forward. It’s closely aligned to the NRL model, but it does mean any team that has ambition has a clear defined set of criteria to aim for, and I believe we really are heading in the right direction.”

He believes that IMG have the sport headed in the right direction moving forward and appears keen on aspiring to the standards they set for Grade A.

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