2019 NRL Grand Final Player Ratings

Sydney Roosters

James Tedesco: 7.5/10

Tedesco was a jack of all trades last night, and was dangerous in attack. However, we have seen him play better, definitely wasn’t his worst game though.

Daniel Tupou: 7/10

Tupou was an active member of the attack and of course set up James Tedesco’s match winning try.

Latrell Mitchell: 7/10

Mitchell really wasn’t involved a whole lot in this one, however whenever he had the ball in hand he positively contributed to the team.

Joseph Manu: 6.5/10

Manu had a solid performance overall, but could have been more involved, we’ve definitely seen him play better in recent weeks.

Brett Morris: 7.5/10

Classic Brett Morris last night, a handful for defenders, that was key in the Roosters gaining yardage.

Luke Keary: 8/10

Efficient across the park, created opportunities for his teammates and also putting in a solid defensive effort.

Cooper Cronk: 8/10

Cronk similar to Keary was efficient across the park, however, we saw a great defensive effort from the half in his last match.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves: 8/10

A monster in attack and a brick wall in defence.

Sam Verrills: 7.5/10

Other than scoring the first try, Vereills was solid in most areas, proving he can be trusted in the big games.

Isaac Liu: 6/10

Liu definitely didn’t have a bad game, but really just didn’t get as involved in the match as he probably should have, do keep in mind though, he did only play 40 minutes.

Boyd Cordner: 7/10

Cordner was amazing attack, however needed to be more involved and effective in defence.

Mitchell Aubusson: 5.5/10

Although we saw very little of Mitchell Aubusson before he went off in the 13th minute due to injury, to that point was having a decent game.

Victor Radley: 7.5/10

Brutal in attack and sound in defence.

Angus Crichton: 6.5/10

Crichton spent a lot of time on the field, but purely just did not get involved enough.

Nat Butcher: 6.5/10

Although not playing for as long, similar to Crichton, we needed to see more involvement in the game.

Siosiua Taukeaiho: 7.5/10

Taukeaiho only got limited minutes, but used those minutes wisely, becoming heavily involved in the Roosters’ attack when on the field.

Jake Friend: 6/10

Friend had limited minutes, of course due to only just returning from injury, however he just played his role well but nothing too amazing.

Canberra Raiders

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad: 8/10

Nicoll-Klokstad was a near unstoppable force with the ball in hand last night and was the single most important player, in terms of the Raiders gaining field position.

Nick Cotric: 7.5/10

Another solid metres gainer that had little to no weakness in his game on the night.

Jarrod Croker: 7/10

Croker was okay in attack, but stepped up in defence.

Joseph Leilua: 7/10

Limited time with the ball, however effective metres gained.

Jordan Rapana: 7/10

A similar outing to Leilua overall.

Jack Wighton: 8/10

Was a 5/8 and more on the night, contributing in all major aspects of the game.

Aiden Sezer: 7/10

A decent effort, I guess just outplayed by his halves partner.

Josh Papalii: 8.5/10

Monster in attack and LITERALLY perfect in defence.

Josh Hodgson: 7/10

Nothing too flash about Hodgson’s are, went through the motions and completed pretty well.

Iosia Soliola: 7.5/10

Similar to Sezer, Soliola had a decent game but was outplayed by his partner in the front row.

John Bateman: 7/10

Great defensively, but for a player of Bateman’s standard and one that played 80 minutes we did not see nearly enough involvement in attack.

Elliot Whitehead: 6.5/10

Similar to Bateman, an 80 minute player needs to be more involved, however Whitehead also lacked in defence.

Joseph Tapine: 7/10

A solid effort for the limited time on the field, however we still could have seen a bit more.

Bailey Simonsson: 6/10

Put in a decent effort during his short period on the field, but he basically just didn’t get enough game time.

Emre Guler: 7.5/10

Guler played limited minutes, but was effective when on the field.

Corey Horsburgh: 7.5/10

When on the field involvement was limited but effective.

Dunamis Lui: 6.5/10

Limited minutes that weren’t used to their full potential.