20-40 Vision

Dom Brambani guides a kick down the field for the Batley Bulldogs.

NRL coaches have been asked to consider a trial for a 20-40 Kick rule , so it can be implemented in the competition .

Similar to the 40-20 rule , it would allow teams to kick the ball from inside their 20 yard line and if it bounces and goes out of play behind the opposing 40 yard line the kicking team would get a scrum feed from where the ball went out of play .

NRL officials believe it would open the game out more , as wingers may have to stay back in anticipation of a kick . Obviously it would be risky as if the ball didn’t go over the opposing 40 the non kicking side would gain possession around half way . It could be popular when sides have scrums inside their 20 , as sides can only have 7 players outside the scrum meaning they couldn’t afford players standing back waiting for the kick .

The 40-20 rule was introduced in 1997 and is a popular attacking ploy , and it’s hoped this new rule could help provide more attacking rugby .

If the trial is successful the rule could also be used in Super League and at the 2021 World Cup .

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