Lee Radford destroys Garry Schofield

Lee Radford Garry Schofield

Hull FC head coach Lee Radford has hit back at former great and current pundit Garry Schofield after he launched an attack on Marc Sneyd.

Speaking to Radio Yorkshire earlier this week, Schofield was full of criticism for the half-back after a disappointing performance against Catalans last Thursday.

“He doesn’t organise, he doesn’t create, he doesn’t support, he doesn’t tackle, he doesn’t pass and when he does it’s rubbish,” Schofield said.

However, speaking at his pre-match press conference today, Radford didn’t hold back when asked about the former Great Britain centre’s comments.

“Garry is more than welcome to come down,” said Radford.

“I’ll put numerous drills together and he can have a passing competition with Marc, publicly and we can get the cameras down for that.

“The maverick man can come down and see what his skill-set is like to Jake Connor’s because a bit like a boxer, the last thing you lose is your punch.”

Schofield, now 51, represented Great Britain a record-equalling 46 times and played for Hull between 1983-87, before joining Leeds for a world record fee of £155,000.

“Although he is old and declining, he should still be able to throw a pass,” Radford added.

“Garry can come down anytime he wants and we can put that on for the cameras and hopefully he’ll be able to back that up.

“I don’t think Sneydy is that arsed to be honest. Pundits are like arseholes, they have all got one and the majority of them are full of shit.

“In Garry’s case, he has a lot of diarrhoea throughout the year and he must take a lot of laxatives.”